Monday, October 8, 2012

BBQ This

Have you ever been to BBQ This? I have, and this is what we normally get. I got the chicken strips with macaroni and cheese, apple crisp, and apple juice. Mom got a ¼ pound of brisket with the cheesy potatoes.

I rate my food an 8/10

Mom rates hers an 8/10 too

 I took two points off because my chicken strips were a little bit too crunchy and it took a little longer than usual for them to come. Two points off the potatoes because they were a bit bland and not the best ever. The mac and cheese was good and I liked that. The apple crisp was perfect, and it had just the right amount of apple chunks, cinnamon, and crisp.

You can find a location at:

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  1. That chicken does look a little too crispy. I think your mom's brisket looks yummy though. :) I've never tried the apple crisp, so I'll have to get that the next time I'm at BBQ This.