Monday, October 1, 2012


Yesterday my family and I went to Napoli’s for lunch. We had buns for the appetizer and my dad got a salad too. He had pasta with red sauce, sausage and peppers. I had the sausage pizza, and my mom got the Napoli’s Salad. For dessert we had the chocolate cheesecake. 

I rate my meal an 8/10 

Mom’s is a 10/10 

Dad’s is 7/10 

My pizza was pretty good; I liked the crust a lot, it was thick and soft. I thought that there was a little too much red sauce around the edges, right up next to the crust, though. Mom’s salad was perfect, it tasted great, and it looked really pretty too. Dad’s pasta was good but it wasn't the best he ever had. The noodles were soft and the sausage was cooked, the peppers were a little soggy though. It looked OK but not great. His salad was nice looking and it tasted good too. They also had a bunch of sauce selections to choose from. The cheesecake was delicious and everyone loved it! It was the perfect amount of chocolate, and the crumbly part at the bottom was the best!

One location is: 500 Marion Boulevard  Marion, IA 52302
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