Monday, November 26, 2012

Carlos O’Kelly’s

Last week, I went to Carlos O' Kelly's for lunch with my mom. Of course we had to have some chips and salsa before we had our meals too. I got the spiced chicken combo, with rice and beans. My mom got the gluten-free chicken enchiladas with applesauce.

I rate my meal a 9/10

Mom rates hers a 7/10

I took one point off because of the beans. They weren't worth eating in my opinion, plus they're full of fat. The rice on the other hand, was perfect, I've always loved their rice. The enchiladas were delicious, and so was the taco, although next time I'm going to order a soft taco shell. Mom took 3 points off her meal, because for one, the applesauce was in a little container, and for another, when you go to a Mexican restaurant, you want to be able to get rice and beans. So I think they need to start making gluten-free rice and beans, so you don't have get applesauce in a container.


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  1. Yeah, applesauce doesn't seem very Mexican to me either...